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Maybe you’ve never heard of Saucony, or maybe you're already a fan. But in any case, the advantages of this exceptional brand won’t leave you indifferent. Saucony is actually one of the oldest sneaker brands in the world, and the label is as original as it is innovative, placing customer satisfaction at the center of its priorities.

Creation of Saucony

Saucony is a company that was founded in 1898 in Pennsylvania, USA. This is one of the oldest brands of sneakers in the world. Its name comes from the brook from which the group's first factory, Saucony Creek, was installed, which will also inspire the logo that embodies the sketch of this watercourse.

Highs and lows

The history of this brand is atypical, it owes its success to the success of another company. In 1910, Cobbler Abraham Hyde, a Russian immigrant, founded the Massachusetts-based clothing and sportswear company Hyde Athletic Industries. The success will be dazzling, the brand will equip great athletes of the time while Saucony will see its growth decline, eventually being bought by Hyde Athletic Industries.

Saucony the rebound

In 1960, Hyde Athletic Industries acquired Saucony and made it one of the group's subsidiaries. Over the next few years, Saucony will be given financial means to grow. This effort will prove particularly rewarding, indeed Saucony will very quickly become the most successful brand of the group to such a point that the name Hyde Athletic Industries will be definitively left out and it will be renamed Saucony.