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Whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete or simply a fashion and sneaker lover, you obviously know the Reebok brand whose reputation for excellence has been around for decades. The brand has made it’s mark on sports history by developing several emblematic products and it should be noted that despite being in business for many decades, the brand has never lost its notoriety.

The origin of Reebok

Reebok is one of the oldest sports equipment manufacturers since its creation dates back to 1895. At the time, founder Joseph William Foster had the revolutionary idea to create spiked sports shoes to help athletes better adhere to the running surface. The company's success has been dazzling since each year, tens of thousands of pairs of shoes are sold worldwide.

Brand creation

The real consecration will come in 1924 when Reebok will equip the athletes participating in the Summer Olympics in Paris. Soon, the brand will position itself as the leader in its field. During the first years of its existence, the company will be named JW Foster and Sons, until the grandchildren of the founder decided in 1958 to rename it Reebok in reference to a South African antelope named Rhebok. Afrikaans.

Birth of a giant

Reebok decided in 1979 to make a smashing entry into the American market by offering running shoes for only $ 60. In 1982, Reebok will also be the first brand to offer a model exclusively for women.Reebok is now a subsidiary of adidas, however, it still retains its independence, which allows it to be able to innovate by combining its know-how with that of Adidas.