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Whether you're a sports fanatic, a fashionista, or simply picky about having the best quality clothes and accessories, there's no doubt you’ll find everything you’re looking for at Nike. The brand is one of the most innovative in its field, so your satisfaction is all but guaranteed thanks to the numerous models of exceptional sneakers that will leave you speechless. At Feetzi we wanted to give you a complete presentation on Nike so that you can take advantage of the incredible benefits of this legendary brand.

Nike creation

Nike is a company that was officially launched in the United States in 1971, and is now the world's largest sports equipment manufacturer. But in reality, the beginnings of the company began in 1950 with the collaboration of Bill Bowerman, an athletics coach, and Philip Knight, an accounting student, who began by importing models from Japan for compete with brands such as Adidas or Puma.

The origin of Nike

Nike has chosen to develop its own products. It was in 1971 that the brand really came into being and that it changed the existing situation by focusing on innovation. Nike is indeed the name of the Greek goddess of victory, a winged mythological figure. The Nike logo, also called Swoosh, refers to the wings of this goddess. At the time, the company paid $ 35 to afford this iconic logo and now recognized worldwide.

Nike and innovation

In 1973, Nike developed basketball Waffle capable of absorbing shocks. In 1978, the Tailwind basketball was born based on Air-Sole technology, which takes the form of gas pockets inserted into the sole. This Air technology is found on the majority of current Nike sneakers as the iconic Nike Air Max 1.10 years after the creation of the brand in 1981 Nike will be recognized as the number one sports shoe brand in the United States.