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Whether or not you follow what’s happening in the sneaker world, we’re sure you didn’t miss the news of New Balance’s incredible comeback in 2010. Indeed, the label has an eventful history, which we’ll talk more about soon, but today it has grown into one of the most fashionable brands in the sneaker business. Luck was not the reason for this exceptional rebound, but rather decades of hard work, the result of which today guarantee you an exceptional product which will likely leave you speechless.

Birth of New Balance

New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston, USA by William J. Riley, an English immigrant. Originally, the brand produced exclusively arch supports. She worked to optimize the comfort of the feet, the brand was more dedicated to work in the medical field than in the clothing sector. New Balance will only focus on the development of arch support to become a leader in this field..

From medical to basketball

At the end of the 50s the brand will take the risk of diversifying. For this, it will take advantage of the renewed interest of consumers for the sport and will therefore decide to launch his first shoes. And it is in 1961 that New Balance will make a sensational debut in the field of basketball by presenting its famous Trackster, the first shoe in the world to offer several different widths and a corrugated sole..

Running niche

In 1972, New Balance changes ownership since the group is bought by Jim Davis. This one will decide to focus the activity of the company only on the development of running shoes. The year 1973 will be unforgettable for the brand since during the New York marathon almost all participants wore New Balance sneakers even though no sponsorship contract had been concluded by the brand..