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Today, there are so, so many brands of sneakers. Each one boasts distinctive features and cleverly competes to make us fall in love with their model (instead of their rivals). Some labels are extremely well-known, like Nike or adidas, and others less so. This is notably the case with Filling Pieces, a brand that’s been on a roll these past few years and that deserves some of your attention, especially because the benefits of these shoes are particularly enticing.

Creation of Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces is a Dutch brand that was born in Amsterdam in 2009. The founder, Guillaume Philibert, studied architecture when he realized that there were unfortunately no high quality sneakers that were proposed at relatively affordable rates. This explains why he set himself the challenge of creating this basketball that would fill this gap.

The first Low Top

The creator of Filling Pieces had to learn everything by himself. A few months later, the Filling Pieces Low Top was born. As a good entrepreneur, the creator started by asking the opinion of his relatives about this creation, and all the returns he could have were glowing.

Renewed collections

This is how the adventure really started. So there are several collections that followed, and each time, without any exception, the success was at the rendezvous. One of the reasons for this success is the fact that Filling Pieces takes special care to offer its customers only the best, while being very careful not to overdo it the rates.