Diadora sneakers

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Diadora is not the most well-known sneaker brand, however, it is one of the most fashionable right now. As you’ll discover throughout this article, the brand has numerous advantages that you’re likely to love. The reason we wanted to talk to you about this label is because it boasts both high-level technical shoes as well as elegantly cool products certain to compliment your style and individuality.

Creation of Diadora

The company Diadora was founded by Marcello Danieli in Italy in 1948. Since its beginnings, the founder has wanted to develop sports equipment of the highest quality so that any sportsman is able to improve in the best conditions. To achieve this goal, the brand has made sure to be irreproachable in all respects, that is to say as well on research and development as on the manufacture of its various models.

Diadora and football

Diadora is originally a brand of sneakers that has mostly met with success in the field of football. Indeed, its flagship model, the Diadora Brazil, was designed on the simple principle that it was necessary for athletes to have the impression of wearing slippers while optimizing their performance during training and games.

Diadora brand trend

For years, Diadora has been the official equipment supplier for Squadra Azzura, the Italian football team, and has sponsored some famous athletes such as cyclist Cadel Evans and tennis player Gustavo Kuerten. Finally, in 2009, the brand was bought by Geox which allowed it to become established much more easily in many countries of Europe and America.