adidas Superstar sneakers

 adidas is one of the pioneers of the sneakers history. There are only a few sneakers making companies which are trustworthy and always come up to the expectations. adidassuperstar sneakers are real superstar in the sneaker history with stylish, simple and unique design. These sneakers were known as 70s best basketball shoe.

In 1969, adidas superstar was introduced and within no time the nicknamed “shell toe” reached to its peak. This is one of the famous sneakers design which is worn by almost all of the NBA players during the NBA season in 1970. Milwaukee Bucks player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (an American NBA player) was once voted the most valuable player who loved adidas superstar. He was greatest marketing asset for the adidas superstar and was probably the biggest fan of these sneakers.

In 1986, adidas superstar sneakers find a new fan with great fame. A group of hip-hop artists from Hollis Queens, NY, named Run-D.M.C. Run-D.M.C loved Adidas superstar and dedicated a song of their own “My adidas”. The rap group used to perform in streets and proved a great asset for adidas. Later, they became the first ever hip-hop artists group who had a deal of 1M $ with a corporation for promotional purposes. And for adidas superstar it wasn’t really a big deal which earned with more than anyone would have imagined at that time.

Superstar was the first low-top sneaker released by adidas. It had all leather upper and shelltoe. The initial design of adidassuperstar was simple and the idea was just out of the box. Nowadays, these sneakers have a lot of new versions categorized into different series such as Consortium Series, Expression series, Music Series, Cities Series, and Anniversary Series.

Since its first design, the superstar has so many newer designs with improvements and variations of colors. Superstar 2G is considered one of the finest hoops shoes of the early 2000s. Over 35 models of adidassuperstars are available in the market. adidas release a newer version of these sneakers every year. The adidas superstar 2017 versions are expected to be released in the mid of the year 2017.