adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Let’s talk about the sneakers with Guinness World Records. adidas is the leading company which is widely known for producing high quality sneakers. Who knew that the adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes will be known as the most popular sneakers these days? Probably, none of us as we all know that these tennis shoes were designed for an American tennis player Stan Smith.

In 1971, adidas introduced the Stan Smith brand of tennis shoes. Today, these are one of the best sneakers out there. The design has been through so many revolutions through these years. The initial release of these sneakers was made in 1963-64 with Robert Haillet brand but after adidas with Stan Smith they renamed the shoes with adidas Stan Smith in 1972.

In the year of 1988, 22 million pairs of these adidas Stan Smith sneakers were sold and thus, they made their way to the Guinness World Records of bestselling sneakers. In the last five years, the adidas Stan Smith has been on the 4th place in top 50 sneakers of the world.

The material used in the manufacturing of the Stan Smith is the white leather and it has no external three stripes which were commonly used by all adidas shoes. This unique brand proved to be one of the simplest and best adidas sneakers which led foundation for the hundreds of new Stan Smith versions of Adidas. At the time of its release it had only white color but today Stan Smith sneakers are available in almost all colors.

When Stan Smith became No. 1 tennis player in the world in 1972, adidas tapped him to co-brand the shoe, as Halliet wasn't too well-known outside of France and had recently retired. This marketing strategy of adidas worked for them and they utilized it since then. A lot of style icons, fashion designer and artists wear adidas Stan Smith and feel proud to tell people about these sneakers. Rapper Wiz Khalifa was also seen in Pharrell’s Stan Smith. So, one can say these sneakers are ever trending!


In 2016 the Stan Smith is back in fashion thanks to collaboration with stars like Rita Ora. Declined in many colors and materials but also in a velcro version the stan smith has been clothe with primeknit too. It is now found in a version with an boost sole like two adidas sneakers flagship models the adidas NMD and the adidas ultraboost.