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adidas is one of the most known and loved sportswear manufacturers in the world. And for good reason! It has created numerous emblematic models, like the adidas Superstar sneaker. The force of adidas comes from the brand’s limitless innovations, thus giving every consumer a chance to find their perfect shoe.

The genesis of adidas

Founded in 1949 in Germany at Herzogenaurach adidas comes from the contraction of the name and surname of the founder Adolf Dassler, nicknamed Adi Dassler. The founder and his brother founded in 1924 a first company named Schuhfabrik Gebrueder Dassler. With sales at the rendezvous for several years, it was not until 1936 that the brand experienced a real boom thanks to an unexpected event, the Olympic Games.

Unexpected reputation

During the Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens, an American athlete, won four gold medals with branded sneakers. The notoriety of the sign exploded. During the Second World War, the company will experience some difficulties since it will be the women of the Dassler brothers who will become co-owners of the brand, their husbands being engaged in the conflict of the time.

Adidas creation

When they returned in 1945, the two brothers could not get along because of their very different political opinions and their fraternity collapsed. The decision is then made to divide the company into two different entities. On the one hand, Adolf Dassler will give it the name of adidas AG and Rudolf Dassler will choose Puma as one of its current competitors. Adidas, also known as the "three-band brand", is now easily recognizable thanks to its three parallel bands.